Happy Holidays From Chiapas

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Bill & Tammy Woods

Bill & Tammy Woods

Dear Friends 
It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of another year. We are gearing up for Christmas with our massive family and we just wanted to say thank you, for all of the faithful love and support that you have shown us over the years. Thank you for being a part of something so wonderful, something so eternal.  It would be hard to put into words all that has happened in this last year, all of the faith stretching that we went through, living on the edge and holding onto Jesus can be exciting. We want to thank all the short term teams that came and blessed us with such sacrificial love and labor, you have helped us advance the work by leaps and bounds. We know that there are so many good places for you to sow and we are grateful that you have chosen to sow in Chiapas. God Bless you and your family this Holiday Season as we remember why we are on this planet.

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Turning fifteen

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She turns fifteen this year. My first glimpse of my future daughter was one of shock. She had been beaten so bad that her face was swollen and marked with bruises. Her front tooth was broken and the whites of both eyes were red from broken blood vessels. She was six years old and in need of a miracle. Jesus never fails.




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Things are advancing on the beautiful ministry base (El Faro de Esperanza) With just one small hiccup. We were beautifying the grounds with new gardens and plants. We ordered a load of topsoil and showed the driver where to put it, well he did and without knowing it he backed right onto the septic tank, and well the rest was up in the air, as you can see below. This life is always full of surprises. God is good. Oh I asked the driver if he was born again, because when he came flying out of the truck I think he thought he and his truck were on their way to that other place……


Loving Linder back to Life

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This is a little girl that came to us last year after she had endured tremendous abuse. This smile is a miracle in so many ways. Although, I think Bill may need some prayer.

Meet Guillermo

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Meet Guillermo

Meet Guillermo

While Bill was out running errands late one night last week, the local authorities came by begging me to take a little boy who had been beaten at another orphanage. I kept telling them I could not take him without Bill’s approval. He kept looking at me with these big, sad eyes and I finally agreed to take him for one night. When Bill got home I told him I had a surprise for him. He walked into the dinning hall and looked around at all the grinning kids. The he saw a new face. “Surprise!” I said. He just smiled and shook his head. We became this little boy’s legal guardians this week. Surprise!






New Video Update

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Rabbit and Moringa Capsules

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Over the past few years we have investigated ways of making our children’s village “The Potter’s Ranch” more self-sustaining. We have been able to go from vision to reality with our Rabbit production facility, where we are processing, cooking and package a delicious product that will help alleviate some of the financial pressures of caring for orphan’s. Our product has been approved by the government and is ready for the market. PTL



Packaging Label for our pre-cooked rabbit.

Another product that we have started working on and have already had some success is the production of  Moringa Capsules.  You might be wondering what Moringa is good for, here is a short description. They call it a miracle tree.

Pure powdered moringa leaf capsules are all natural and totally non-toxic. The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) has been using it to treat mal-nourished infants and lactating mothers in Africa for over 40 years with no negative side effects. If it’s safe to use on babies, anyone can take it.

In America people are using it as a general nutrient booster keeping them away from colds and the flu. Teenagers find that their acne is cured in three days. Athletes are taking it for greater energy, endurance, and mental clarity. Students take it to stay awake and keep alert for all night study sessions and again the next day for increased recall. People with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are getting relief using moringa capsules.


We have planted 2 acres of Moringa and have already begun to make capsules. The local response has been good so we are excited for the next step.






We’ve got worms!

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Yes that’s right “we have worms” and we are blessed to have them, 18 kilos to be exact, and that is just the beginning. Part of our ongoing desire to make the ranch as self-sustaining as possible was the addition of worms. It’s so exciting! I can’t believe I even expressed that out loud.  Worms are a great addition to what we already have in production on the Potter’s Ranch. With our goats and rabbits and cows and chicken, we have an abundance supply of good composting material and these little squiggle guys will help us make it better, better to use and better to sell. The Bible say’s give thanks in all things, so I’m giving thanks to God for my worms….

composting garden worms



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We want to share a special thank you to those of you who helped us buy milk cows a few months ago. We were able to purchase eight beautiful Swiss American milk cows.  We have a local rancher in our church that is also a veterinary. He made plans with Bill to either bring a bull out to the ranch or artificially inseminate the milk cows. For all you green horns out there, the cows have to get pregnant and have a calf before they begin to give milk.  

Well, much to our surprise five were already pregnant! The seller didn’t realize this or he would have charged us a much higher price. So, we got a special double blessing!  We now have the eight cows plus five new calves. Daily, our children are now enjoying fresh milk andcheese.   Yum!



The Cheese being made and put in a wooden mold



















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                                                                            THE NEW CHURCH DESIGN

  After 20 years of living as a foreign missionary, we have learned a few things.  Basically, nothing is easy! We bought our church property last year and it has taken a time and energy to jump through all the legal hoops to get our paperwork in order.  Next week we are taking our first steps on the construction process. The fence will be going up around the property. The architect and engineer have finished the plans on the church building and we are looking forward to seeing our new church building take shape. God has been so good to us and we have such a wonderful church body. Everyone is pitching in and we hope to see much progress in the next few months.  We want to send a special thank you to all of those who have been praying and supporting the work.  

 Jesus Christ is being glorified in Chiapas!!!!