Sissy Missionary

Written By: admin - Nov• 18•11

The first building was a chicken coop.  What humble beginnings for such a large vision. The second building didn’t give much of a clue to the great things to come, either.  It was an outhouse. I told Bill, I was just getting to old to use “bush toilets”.

This last weekend as I walked around and through the new ranch house that is well on it’s way to completion, I stopped and looked at the view from one of the windows. To one side I could see the beautiful barns in the distance and on the other I saw our flock of sheep with eight new baby lambs frolicking in and around the trees of the orchard. I remember the short term missions team who planted all six hundred fruit trees in only a weeks time. So many people have given of their time, labor and finances to help the work of the Lord to move forward here in Chiapas. We are grateful and we know the Lord will reward all those who labor and sacrifice in His name.

Thank you Lord for all those who give, those who pray, those who plant and build and especially those who build outhouses for sissy missionaries like me.

Baby Rebecca’s Hospital Visit

Written By: admin - Nov• 16•11

Rebecca has two, perfect little feet. I can tickle either one and it will elicit giggles and grins and that little smile that says, “Do it again.”


So why would anyone even think about amputating such a perfect little foot? Well, that has been foremost in our minds over this last year as we contemplate Rebecca’s future.  She has something called Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency or PFFD. All of those big words to say that she was born without a femur and her right leg is about half the length of her left. All our research to date is pointing us toward the conclusion that for Rebecca to walk she will need to be fitted with a prosthesis. This will mean the amputation of her little foot.

On November 25th, I will be flying to Mexico City to take Rebecca to Shriners Children’s Hospital. Please keep us in your prayers as some very difficult decisions have to be made over the next few months concerning Rebecca’s future. Thanks~ Tammy

The Accidental Pastor

Written By: admin - Nov• 16•11

The Lord's Flock Church in Arriaga, Chiapas Mexico


My Husband Bill calls himself, the accidental pastor. For years I have heard him adamantly say that he is NOT a pastor. Life with the Lord is full of surprises.

Eleven years ago we started a Bible school here in Arriaga. We have had some amazing fruit come out of that blessed time. Many unbelievers and the curious that came to check out the “gringos” encountered the love of Christ and were born again. This propelled us into a position to begin our Sunday services. Before we knew it, Bill was pastoring a church. Bill still stuck to his guns and declared to us all, “I am not a pastor”.  While we heard these words it was a little funny to watch as Bill prayed for people, taught them, visited in their homes, comforted them through illness, broken relationships, and financial problems.  Meanwhile the church grew right out of its first location and is quickly growing out of our current building as well.  For someone who isn’t a pastor, he seems to be doing a pretty good job at it.

The School of Tomorrow in Arriaga

Written By: admin - Nov• 02•11



School of Tomorrow in Arriaga, Chiapas


You have to get completely out of the boat to walk on water! This was the phrase that came to me as we looked at the upcoming school year. Little by little we had been taking a few children out of public school and teaching them at home.  I have to admit, that the prospect of teaching the older children at home was a little overwhelming, but as we began to see the effects of the peer pressure at school, we were convinced the best thing we could do was jump into homeschooling with both feet. Our major problem is that homeschooling isn’t recognized in Mexico and we didn’t want to put the work or the children in any kind of jeopardy. So, after several years of seeking the Lord and taking some small steps of faith, the Lord has led us to the solution. There is a government approved program that is a little like our GED program in the USA. We enrolled our children in this internet school and so they will have to take tests through this program while simultaneously studying a Christian based, bilingual curriculum from the states. So, we are off and running. Or should I say, treading on water. :)

Progress on the Potter’s Ranch

Written By: admin - Sep• 27•11
The Beginning of Construction

As some of you might know, a few years back, with the help of Tim Fix and a team from his ministry we started the Bunk House. It’s been a slow go but the vision is beginning to take shape. Short term teams have been a huge blessing to us in helping us accelerate the completion of the dream to one day take care of more than 200 children. The bunk house will allow us to house the teams on site as they work and minister on the ranch, as well as being a temporary home for our large family. We love to be on the ranch with the kids, playing, riding the horses, and just spending time outdoors. What a difference the Bunk House will make as we go forward with the vision of the Potter’s Ranch. Thank you for your love and support.

A Grateful Heart

Written By: admin - Aug• 04•11

  I recently told my wife that I often think of all the good things she does to make my life easier and make this ministry better. But I realized I think those thoughts more often than I say them, and what good is that.  The same thing happens at times with those around us. We think positive things about them, yet we say nothing. The Bible says we should encourage each other daily. Why do you think that is? Could it be that we need it? I have watched a child’s face light up like a Christmas tree, just by telling them they did a good job, as they held up a freshly finished crayon masterpiece, even though they had colored outside of every line. You see it really isn’t the drawing that is that important, it’s hearing those two simple words come out of your mouth “good job”.

This train of thought lead me to think of all the people that have supported this work over the many years we have been here. I think of you often and have been grateful in my heart, yet I realized that having a grateful heart isn’t enough, it’s have a grateful mouth also. Being able to say to each and every one of you. Thank You. Thank you for helping us color outside the lines. Because you have said yes when the Lord spoke to your heart to help, we have been able to raise up a church, an orphanage and now the Potters Ranch. So I was having good thoughts about you, and decided to let you know what I was thinking.  Jesus said “When you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto me”.   With a grateful heart I say Thank You.  Bill Woods






Written By: admin - Jun• 09•11

OK, wrap your head around this one…Several years ago, I felt lead of the Lord to hold a women’s conference here in Arriaga. I invited several good friends and speakers to come to Arriaga and we had a blast with the women in our area. One day after the teaching session I invited the speakers to eat at a local restaurant. As we were eating our conversation was geared around all the great things God was doing with the ladies. I noticed two very dirty “gringos” sitting in the restaurant. Now, where we live you don’t see very many Americans, dirty or clean. One finally approached us and asked if we were Christians and come to find out these men were missionaries and had a ministry of “well digging”. Hence the dirt! They were going to different villages drilling wells for people to provide clean drinking water. After the wells were in, they had opportunity to share the gospel and introduce people to the true fountain of life, Jesus Christ.

So, that day in the restaurant began our friendship with Gabe and then later, with his family. Because he worked in other parts of Mexico, we saw each other infrequently, but we did get to meet his wife and children. We offered our home to them to use whenever they were in the area and Gabe finally took us up on this and we handed him a key with the freedom to come and go as he pleased.

Last year Gabe came by and told us that after five years in Mexico he felt the Lord directing him to move his family back to the States. From there he would be flying in and out of Chiapas continuing his ministry to the villages here. He was a little frustrated because for about a year he had been trying to get his pickup and tools back up to Texas. Different problems had arisen with his truck and repairs. Finally, he had contracted a semi to come down and load up his Ford pickup, camper and tools and transport them to the States.  So, a few weeks ago, Gabe was down drilling wells and making arrangements for his vehicle.  One morning he said, “Tammy, I need to talk to you and Bill about something this afternoon.”

Later that afternoon as we were enjoying our coffee and pan dulce, Gabe said, “I believe the Lord wants me to give you my truck, camper and trailer.”

You could have knocked us over with a feather. What Gabe didn’t know is that we had been praying for vehicles for the last two years. We literally have to cram 24 of us into our 15 passenger van. With the ranch project, we were in need of another pickup to transport livestock feed and construction materials.

I love living for God and I love watching how He unfolds His purposes in our lives.

Thank you Gabe and Jessica for loving Jesus so much.

Our new Ford F350, camper and trailer

The children praying for Gabe


Written By: Tammy Woods - May• 17•11


Just breathe. Sometimes when I think about all the responsibility that we have taken on, I have a tendancy to want to panic. I have to tell myself, “O.K. Tammy, just breathe.”

Then I remind myself that “His yoke is easy and His burdens are light.”

In reality the responsibility is His, not mine.

Rebecca and Kimberly, both have severe handicaps. They were both abandoned by their mothers. Kimberly (three) has cerebral palsy and Rebecca (one) was born with a missing femur.  Rebecca’s right leg is half the length of her left and technically her condition is called Proximal Focal Femur Deficiency. All of this to say, we will have to make a decision in the next month about leg amputation on a one year old baby girl. Breathe.

Through prayer, therapy, and love Kimberly is making advances.

Sam, with his carpentry skills has done a marvelous job building equipment to help with Kimberly’s therapy. A year ago it was difficult to get her legs apart to change a diaper and she had very little control of her head and arms. Now, she is able to hold and drink from a sippy cup and she can sit and keep her head up. Mentally, she is bright and inteligent but although we see major advances, she still has a long  road ahead of her. Breathe.

Of course, we also have 22  other children with severe emotional problems…Breathe.

We financially care for all these children by faith… Breathe.

Excuse me while I go hyperventilate. :)

Kimberly doing therapy

Lord, make me like my dog.

Written By: admin - May• 09•11

I have two little dogs, through no fault of my own. It’s Becky Tedrow’s fault

Becky is a fellow missionary in northern Mexico and we both are “dog people”.  She felt my life was incomplete after the death of our little dog a few years ago. So, while we were visiting in the States, she took me to the “puppy store” and my attention was drawn not to the frolicking, tumbling bundles of fur at my feet, but to the little fellow who was curled up in a shaking ball in the corner. What can I say; I am a rescuer at heart. On the way back to Mexico, we came across a little female of the same breed and so we ended up with two.

Not everyone who works with our ministry loves dogs. But they love me, so they put up with the dogs. Or so I like to think.  There are a lot of negatives to being a dog owner. Of course whatever you put in one end has to come out the other end, and not always in an appropriate place. And then there is the barking.  Everyone is a potential threat at some point and my dogs feel like they need to alert me on a constant basis.

They follow me everywhere.  They are alert to my slightest move and jump to their feet in anticipation of going somewhere with me. Sometimes, this can be very annoying when I simply want to cross the room!  When I leave and return, they act like they are going to die of joy just to be in my presence. I don’t remember Bill ever acting like that. When I sit down to read or study, one usually lays his head across my foot just content to be with me.

God, make me like my dog. I want to leap with joy in your presence. I want to be content to just be with you. I want to be alert to your moves and stay close by your side. I want to bring you joy and laughter and I want to be solely devoted to you.  Lord, I want to make a joyful noise even when others find me irritating. God, make me like my dog. Well, maybe not completely like my dog because I don’t really see the joy of chewing on Bill’s dirty sock.

Meet Maylin

Written By: admin - May• 02•11

We can’t take any more children until we get the house built on the ranch.  We all decided that this was what was best because we are short staffed and a little cramped with 23 children in our home.  I think we said the same thing when we had fifteen. There always seems to be room for one more.


We had received a phone call from the state orphanage in Tuxtla with a request to take one of our boy’s siblings.  We prayed about it and felt that we could make room for Jeremiah’s little six year old sister. On the day Bill went to pick her up he was met with a surprise. First, the orphanage had given her up for adoption the week before and second, they presented him with another little girl.

“Well, since you agreed to take a six year old girl,” they said, “why not take this one instead?”

“Just take a look at her,” the director said.

She had been severely beaten by her mother and put in the state orphanage the year before. Of course the moment that Bill saw Maylin’s pixie face and soft, brown eyes, it was hard not to bring her straight home.  He resisted and took her photo instead.

At home we brought all the staff and children together and Bill showed them the photo of Maylin and explained a little of her history. After prayer everyone had a peace that we could make room for one more little girl.

She is a delight. She chatters non-stop and is open and affectionate.  I went into kiss her goodnight and she pulled down my head to whisper in my ear.

“Mami, when are you going back to the orphanage to get my brothers?”

Oh, Lord.

Please pray with us about this and also that the Lord would send more workers into the harvest, we are in great need of child care providers as well as a nurse and orphanage administrator. There are so many children and such great need.

Please consider partnering with us.